MCH Voltage Recommendations for Gigabyte EP45-DS3R

Ok...I'm working on getting my memory stable (not overclocked) and believe it may have caused a freeze-up in Windows today (required a hard restart by turning off the power supply in back). My Corsair Dominator memory will pass Memtest86+ in pairs at 2.13V (my motherboard has some Vdroop so setting at 2.1V actually gives less voltage). Now I have 2 pairs in (8GB) total and I think my MCH (Northbridge) voltage may be too low. It is defaulted at 1.1V. What should I safely change it to, seeing as it is only cooled by a heat sink on the EP45-DS3R? My processor (Q9450) is at 3.2GHz and my memory isn't really overclocked (1066MHz). I just want to make my system stable? I've heard bumping the MCH all the way to 1.4V but that seems like a huge jump. Any thoughts, or do I just keep playing with Memtest86+ and gradually bump the MCH voltage up until everything seems good and I get 0 errors?
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  1. If memtest checks out, why worry? If you want, up mch a notch & memtest all sticks together. I'd keep it around 1.5v on air.
  2. Unfortunately, my motherboard or memory didn't like the bump up. I tried it at 1.3V and ended up with a frozen computer. It also froze in Memtest. Right now I have the MCH set at "Auto" and it passed Memtest, so I guess I'll leave it here. It also passed on "Normal." I'm still trying to figure out what the difference between Auto and Normal is, and if there is a benefit to using one over the other.
  3. If you set voltages to auto, the bios still sets the voltages. You can see them under hardware monitor or something like that in bios. Note the auto voltage on mch.
  4. Can somebody help me?
    I have a problem:

    - i bought this motherboard (ga ep45c ds3) 1 weeks ago. I have 2, 1-1Gb ddr3 rams. The problem:
    When I installed the XP(sp2) to my computer, and I experienced (after 2 hours system running time e.g.: xfire, msn, nvidia driver) blue screen :S --> this just restarted my computer approx: 6 times.. -.-

    First I thought: the problem was my OS. I have just intalled win vista ultimate. The blue screen appeared after exiting Call of duty 2 :S

    - than I tried with 1 GB- single memory. I thought of the memory...but in "separated mode" they were good :S

    I am at a loss... please help me guys
    (my email:
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