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Was curious as to when you should replace the thermal gel on your cpu.
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  1. you shouldn't have to if it's a good grease. as it's a grease, it doesn't solidify/stick to the cpu and should remain the same forever theoretically. however i have an old 700MHz ish socket 478 with the grease solidified....must have been some stock crap intel stuff...
  2. Actually, most TIM (Thermal Interface Material) does dry out over time. I wouldn't bother changing it unless your temps were too high.

    Check this stuff out, it's made from diamond powder. It is a little sticky so it needs to be applied with a single edge razor blade.

    Not too expensive either. IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound - 1.5 gram
  3. I see, well i think my cpu is running hotter then it normally is but i dont really know how to check its temp. Any suggestions?
  4. That would depend on your motherboard and CPU.

    If it's a fairly modern CPU RealTemp will work well. It's accurate.
  5. AS5 doesnt ever dry out according to arctic cooling
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