[M2N-E SLI] Asus C-Media CM6501 sound problem

Hello guys, I have a problem with the Asus m2n-e sli, I have an CPU amd 4800+ x2 , 2 gigs of ddr2 corsair and a gf8800gt

I installed windows XP a few days ago and I am experiencing a strange behavior of the sound card .. And if I look closer I believe the whole system.

First, I use winamp to listen to music, so every 15-20 sec the sound freeze for 0,01sec and after that the song resume, it's almost unnoticeable, but I hear it and pisses me off :(

Second, examining the problem, I see that the mouse cursor freeze for that interval of time along with the sound.

I installed the latest drivers for the CPU, AMD DC Opt, latest C-media drivers .. All .. The system acts the same :((

what can I do more?? plss help, and if is no way to make it work, a new pci sound card will fix the problem ?? Or this can be a Windows XP SP2 vs. PC misunderstanding? And inserting a new sound card will be the same, only I with -50$?


p.s. I had Vista before for almost 2 weeks, I didn't heard this pause in my sounds tracks, or the mouse freezing...
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  1. i noticed other things too, while i was extracting a iso image from a *.rar file the system stopped responding plenty of times, the crushes was at random interval of time, stop responding length no more then 1 second. (extracting from rar file the cpu temp was the idle one 33-38ºC, and the cpu usage 0-5% during the extraction), other times, i remember extracting files from rar files and the cpu usage was 100%..

    noticed other this, when i was installing the game (cpu usage 0-5%) the crushes persist here too (1 crush duration no more then1 sec too) and other thing when that freeze of 0.01sec and the other one of 1sec when i am installing something, the HDD working indicator LED turn off.

    I Believe the whole system stops working for that time, and after he resume his working. I's a software incompatibility, how ca i fix it?

    please help :(
  2. sounds to me like a memory issue.
    i have an m2n-e and it works flawlesly.
  3. Just had the same problem this morning. Instead of any sound, I get crackle. Only happened today after about 5 months of having this rig set up:
    Asus M2NE-SLI
    2 gig DDR2
    500gig HDD
    Asus 8600GT GFX

    Try here - http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us
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