new build, need techies opinions please

hello all, just browsing the forums that are listed at newegg and posting my new pc specs that im going to order later tonight and seeing what the techies thing. i just need to know if this power supply is enough to run the q6600 and a 8800 gt superclocked 512 pci x16

im not a total retard when it comes to pc's, i have built my last 3 amd's from scratch. startin with a amd sempron 1800 years ago, to my current build an amd 64 3500, 1 gig ram, 7600 gs pci x16 card (it fried on me a few weeks ago, i did get 1 and a half years good use out of this sys tho)

those were ez to build, and didnt require much knowledge.

so if u techies could help me out (i've been around other forums, pcqanda techies says it'll work great) but its always good to get as much info and opinions on a build as you can. i also have a tech buddy who helped me design this, and he says he wishes he could build one for him self lol.

basically, just lemme know if the power supply is powerful enough to run all this, and if all these pieces will be good together:

XCLIO A380PLUS-BK Fully Black High Gloss Finish case 99 bux

western digital caviar s.e. 250 gig 16mb cache hard drive, 79 bux

evga 8800 gt superclocked edition 512mb fx card 269 bux

ocz gamestream 700w power supply 130 bux (100 after 30 dollar m.i.r.)

arctic silver 5 thermal compound 6 bux

2 gigs a-data extreme edition pc6400 dual channel ddr2 ram 51 bux (35 after 15 dollar m.i.r.)

asus 650i mobo 114 bux

intel core 2 quad q6600 255 bux

zalman 9500a 92mm cpu fan 48 bux

grand total 1086.85$ this includes ups guarenteed 3 day delivery charge

45 bucks in rebates takes me down to 1041 dollars

im not brave enough to oc a pc like that just yet, the 680i mobo is more suited for oc'in anyway. it can be done with this setup tho. i still would be too afraid to take that quad above like, 2.6

great site you guys got here, and thank in advance for anyone that takes the time to read this long arse post lol. have a good one guys/gals :bounce:
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  1. Unless doing SLI get a P35 motherboard like the P35-DS3x or an P5K-x. Drop the A-data RAM and get some Corsair XMS or Crucial Ballastix. (Newegg has 2*1GB XMS2 for $25 after MIR)
    ^The Crucial ones have D9 chips so they OC very well. Every thing else looks good.
  2. rgr that shadow

    i'll run that by my tech buddy who helped design this. i picked the ram tho, he wanted me to get the corsair twinx i think.

    i dont think i'll be sli'ing either. i'll look at newegg and price the p35 mobo's and see where it puts me. i cant spend anymore than this current one costs

    tyvm for lookin over this for me sir :)
  3. cool the beast!

    the rest of the parts look great.
  4. dang major, that case looks HOT not literally tho with all that cooling lol.

    its actually cheaper in the long run with the 40 m.i.r.

    HMMMMM, tough decision, dangit, u just threw a monkey wrench into my whole mess lol

    the current case i have selected, the xclio is 99 no rebate. that one antec looks wicked cool, and its 30 bucks cheaper after the m.i.r.

    think it would be roomy enough for all that stuff i posted in my first post?

    now my only other concern is the u.p.s. guarenteed 3 day shipping. i DO NOT want them to leave a box outside my door with 1000+ $$$ worth of pc equipment, if im not here. i suppose i could set my alarm for the following week every day at 8am, which is an hour before u.p.s. delivers, and sit by that door waiting LOL.

    i am gonna go with that crucial ballistix ram too, if my tech buddy approves. basically im his lacky, or a protoge, he's going to teach me new video editing techniques.

    and also, back on the delivery subject, do u think it will all come in one huge box? is u.p.s. good about keeping big boxes with expensive equipment in them in good condition? i'd be one angry s.o.b. if i see any dents or scratches on the box. and if anything were damaged in the delivery, i'd go POSTAL at the u.p.s. distribution center lol.

    tks again guy for the input. building a rig like this is HARD work. i've been researching this for a month, and for the past week since i had the money in my pocket, i've put 5 hours a day on the webs getting feedback, and input about this design. it is time for final selection and order, NOOB NEEDS A NEW PC ALREADY lol
  5. after talkin with my bud, the p35 would be a better choice since i wont be sli'ing

    at least not for a year anyway

    perhaps next year at tax time i can upgrade my mobo and do an sli set up.

    i will be going with the ballistix ram too. my friend will be on voice chat with me, to set the ram timings right in the bios, and change the fan settings a bit too


    bet it will run circles around this amd 64 3500, and since my 7600gs didnt work, im on a, prepare yourself lol, radeon 9250 regular pci card LOL. hey, i can open the internet fine with this. i can use the calculator lol. this pc hasnt run right for a while, and simple things like opening internet explorer dont open up till 20-30 seconds after i click the shortcut (only have 1 gig ram in this) so yea, its time for something new. i built this amd rig in october 2006. i have good memories of it, good games when the 7600gs worked.

    building this rig requires a bit more knowledge, but i have good help, and experience building crappy rigs. i know where to connect stuff and so on. its really all a great learning process, i enjoy it.

    thanks again ppl for the input, going to the p35 mobo saved me 20 bucks. getting the ballistix increased the over all price a bit. with everything including shipping im at 1113.92 (without the m.i.r.s.) theres 50 bucks in rebates too, so when they come, they'll go for a game.

    happy gaming all, i know i cant wait till my bored arse is gaming again lol
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