Load balancing two wireless bridges

I own a NETGEAR FVS124G (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122080) and it has dual wan. My buddy lives diagonal 2 houses down and my next door neighbor both have given me permission to use their wireless connections.

So I was going to hook each wan to a wireless bridge. Does anyone suggest a specific device? It must have removable antennas because most likely I will have to use a cantenna, yagi or parabolic antenna (http://w3bguru.com/wiffy-extreme/) to reach my buddies house.

I have never used a wireless bridge. Is it as simple as just clicking find wireless signals and connect to one? Can I use something like netstumbler? I've heard you can flash linux distros on the WRT54GS which you can configure as a bridge?

Sorry for the random questions.
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  1. I can suggest a solution that I am pretty sure will work (since Linux based and pretty customizable) but I have not tried it. And along with this, my advice is to try this at your LAST resort since it will take a **** load of time to complete.

    Software: Google for HostAP, currently at http://hostap.epitest.fi/
    Wireless AP board: Soekris Engineering net4521 or net4511 (embedded board)
    WiFi Card (to be inserted in Soekris board): Senao/Engenius NL-2511CD Plus Ext2
    External Antennas: whatever you like, google for i.e Ubiquiti Antenna

    The WiFi card has 2 jacks for external antennas. There are tutorials on the web on building this setup. Like I said, try it as your last resort or you have high energy to learn things.
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