New questions on my build

I've completed my build and everything went great.
Thank you all. Esp Akhilles and thg for having this forum.
But I got a bunch of questions ...

-EasyTune5 always shows 3Ghz, 3Ghz even at idle when it should be 2Ghz, 3Ghz as CPU-z does. Is this normal?
-EZTune5 and Speedfan agree on temperatures but I think both are 10deg F low because at startup room temp is shown 10deg F lower than actual. Is this normal? and is it consistent, always 10deg F low?
-I take it that CPU temp is the Case? What is system measuring?
-Can individual core temps be measured?
Why does EZ5 have a ! flashing yellow and red on CPU fan?
Now this one is scary to me ...
-Look at the +12vdc, -12vdc and -5vdc on CPU-z. They seem way off. What's up with that? The +12vdc can even show a negetive number. EZ5's +12vdc looks right though.
-I think the memory timings are very conservative. Yes? Shouldn't they able to go to cl5 1T easy with only 2 dimms?
Documentation on EZ5 is really poor.

Regards; ctb :hello:
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  1. You're welcome.

    1 - Oh, yeah, that's normal cuz the power saving kicks in when idle. You can force the pc to run at full speed at all times by disabling C1E & SPEEDSTEP/EIST in BIOS:

    2 - I'm looking at celsius in your screenie.

    3 - 37'C is your cpu temp. 31'C is your chipset temp.

    4 - google "core temp"

    5 - It THINKS the cpu fan speed is not ideal. GB throws this program in every mobo whether it be AMD or Intel. The settings aren't optimal. Same for ASUS PC PROBE.

    6 - can you confirm the voltage readouts are the same in bios?

    7 - Are you ram on auto settings in bios?

    Please dump Easytune. Use only cpuz or core temp. Look up the sticky in o/c form for accurate temp settings.
  2. -EasyTune5 always shows 3Ghz, 3Ghz even at idle when it should be 2Ghz, 3Ghz as CPU-z does. Is this normal?
    No, As indicated dump Easytune ...
  3. Dumping Easytune5 Pro it is.
    I have coretemp now.
    The Easypro has degC /degF. The temperatures C agreed with Speedfan.
    I remember reading somewhere that temps are indicated 15degC too low?
    RAM is set to auto. I'll check Bios now on that and voltages to be sure.
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