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how cools this looking , cant wait , luv how close it sits on card on last piccy. hurry up and release it thermalright! my 4870 needs cooling!!!!!
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  1. this is gonna be the fans to get with it when crossfire set up

    hopefully can get two on there as there slightly larger than 92mm.

    no doubt a bit of chopping and it will fit , im thinking remove the edges and glue two together :)
  2. Are you gong to get separate ram coolers? Cause I don't see that on that heatsink.
  3. as far as i know yes , same as the low profile ones supplied with the other vga coolers they do , if you look closely you can see one fitted at back by the capacitors
  4. I must be blind, I'll take your word for it.

    its not very big but its there :) , same as ones on the HT-03 cooler i have on my old 8800gt now sat in my son's machine
  6. Will the ram sinks fit the 48xx series?
  7. yes , yes and yes :) , thats what im waiting for!. i got a 4870 the other day and the stock cooler sucks eggs. was gonna transfer the HR-03-GT off my old 8800gt but instead im waiting for this baby to come out
  8. given the length of the heatpipes im wondering if this thing will cope as a passive cooler? . will be interesting to see the test results when they get hold of it.
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