Overclocking E8400

Ok here it goes... I just bought my e8400 cpu, i am wondering about the ability to over clock it. i know its easy to get it to 3.6ghz with stock cooling but im wondering what can i exepct with my set up:

With Stock cooling and 4 80mm fans
PSU: antek 450
MotherBoard: Asus p5k-SLI
Video Card: 8800 gtx x1
Memory: Cruical Ballistic Tracer 2gb 800mhz

I will also be buying a Thermaltake ProWater 850i kit
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  1. Every chip is different so results vary but my highest stable overclock so far is 3.85@1.38v with my E8400 and Rampage Formula so I would expect you could get at least to there.
  2. Your memory will allow you to get to 3.6Ghz (400fsb on the cpu). To go beyond that, you'll need to overclock your memory which probably isn't worth the trouble.

    That said, I don't think I"d push it with stock cooling. A couple hundred Mhz maybe, like to 3.3 max is as far as I'd go with a gun to my head. Otherwise, I'd never OC anything w/o betting cooling. Just isn't worth the risk!

    Spend $30-$40 on the Xigamet + Retention Bracket, or Sunbeam Core Contact (comes with a bracket, though it's not bolt thru but better than standard Intel pushpins).
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