Problems with a LG DVD Driver model GH22NP20


Recently installed the LG DVD Driver model GH22NP20.
It has power and will open and close.
but wont register in Windows or in BIOS (P6T deluxe mobo)
Jumper is set to CS and it is connected through an 80 wire IDE cable on the master part of the cable.

Can anyone help me?
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  1. if it doesn't show up in BIOS then there may be a physical problem with the drive itself. but maybe try another IDE cable or/and connect it to another IDE port on your mobo.
  2. My mobo only has one ide port, does it matter which part of the cable ive connected the drive with, eg slave and master.
  3. doesn't matter what end. i do not think jumper settings would matter it would probobly be still show up in the BIOS. the only thing i could suggest otherwise if make sure the IDE port isn't disabled in the BIOS, try another IDE cable, or if you have another IDE device try connecting that up to the computer to see if that shows up in the BIOS
  4. Also just try setting the jumper to slave or master, I've never used CableSelect before, what's the point anybody?
  5. Is the problem solved? I hope so!

    If not:

    Is the drive working if you connect it with an IDE-USB adapter?

    Is the IDE-cable not too long?

    Good luck!
  6. man i have the same problem with GH22NP20
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