Can u "delete" home networking?

Hey guys,

Here's the situation.

i have XP/32 and Vista/32 in my room. (both desktop)

First I set up my router Linksas WRT54G2 using Xp/32 machine and the set up went ok.

Second I brought Vista home and connected it to my XP machine and I was able to get on the internet from Vista (thank god)

But the problem is that I cant print from Vista machine even after installing my HP laserjet P1006 driver.

So my question is..... Is there a way to sort of "Undo or delete my networking cz i would like to start over again.

I also heard that if u set up home network again it will just OVERRIDE the original setup or setting.

If this is tru then obviously there would b no reason to "delete" the original setuo or setting.

So wat i'm saying is that i am very confused as to y i am not able to print from vista machine, i have no issue with xp.

and , i find out today that my Vista machine says that theres no driver installed for the printer.

I just wanna do some lil more homework on home networjing and start over again later time.

and lastly should i b worried bout anybody acceing my desktop through the network?

I dont no if i xplained that correctly since i am pretty new to the scene.

hey folks amy help would b appreciated.

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  1. Quote:
    i find out today that my Vista machine says that theres no driver installed for the printer.

    Thats why you cant print. You need to find a vista driver for your printer, obviously one that works unlike the current one you have.

    As for security, lock down your wireless, or turn it off if you don't use it.
  2. I'm kind of confused as to whats going on here.

    Are you trying to print locally to your HP printer (ie its physically plugged into your system) or are you trying to print over the this case the HP printer is hooked up to your XP system?
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