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I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit which comes with directx 11. My graphics card (AMD Sapphire HD 4850)supports only upto directx 10.1. I need directx 10.1 or at least directx 10 but I have not been able to find it anywhere. If any of you could send me a link, thanks an infinity. But my primary question is(assuming finding the link is unsuccessful) "Is it possible to extract just the directx 10 files from the windows vista dvd and install it in windows 7?" If it is possible, please do tell me the steps involved in achieving it. Thank you.
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    Here you go Dude.

    DirectX 10 is already part of your OS. It is a subset of DX 11 I believe. This link will allow you to update 9.0 C which is required for many games.
  2. Wamphryi said:

    hey that link you sent just updates the directx i.e., 9.0c and 11 which I already have but does not get me directx 10.
  3. The thing is I already have the latest version of both directx 9.0c and directx 11. Obviously directx 11 is not really going to help since my gpu does not support it. So even if I run a game, the game will not utilize directx 11 files. it will only use directx 9.0c files. So I need directx 10 which should be at least 100 MB. Also is it possible to extract dx10 from win vista DVD?
  4. As stated, DX10 support is already included in DX11. If you play a DX10 game in Windows 7, then you should not have any issues.

    For example, I play Crysis (a DX10 game) in Windows 7 with no issues.

    DX11 is backwards compatible all the way to DX7.
  5. ^ What he said. Windows 7 fully supports DX10 out of the box.
  6. what he really wants to know is how to install a GPU supporting DX10 on a system using DX11
  7. Don't use DX10 it's been rated as 'SUX". I wish to get rid of it from my computer!
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