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I recently purchased an Asus Maximus Formula mobo with a Q6600 and two seagate SATA hard drives.
I am not doing RAID. I am going to install XP and was wondering if i am goin to have problems with XP recognizing the SATA drives? or do i need to prepare to install drives by the F6 method? and which drivers do I need to install? Just want to be prepared when it gets here in a few days.
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  1. no - you no issues - drives will show in the bios

    if no raid you have set the achi first if want that - but i would raid!!!
    yes you should do raid

    i build all most all gaming systems, some multi purpose gaming systems and every system i build is raid

    raid is easy!

    for xp you need to f6 for raid not for sata

    if you dual boot never use the xp drivers they melt vista partitions
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