Replacement for a Radeon 9800 AGP?

Hello… Any suggestions for a moderately priced, moderately performing replacement AGP card for my aging Dimension 4600 that is at least a step up from the factory install 128MB Radeon 9800 from late 2003? (NOT 9800 PRO...)

Here’s my situation: I don’t really do much if any gaming, but I do have a pretty big 24” HD monitor set at 1920x1200, and occasionally use 2D intensive programs (Photoshop, WMV-HD playback, some graphics, etc), but nothing crazy. I previously had the Radeon 9800 128MB stock card that came with the system (P4 2.8G, 8x AGP), and my only real requirement is that whatever card I get should be an improvement on my old 9800 (I’m being fussy, I guess). I don’t need anything high-end, and really would prefer to get something under $100. (Under $50 even better, but realistically….). New or used is fine. Don’t really want to upgrade power supply, either… I prefer one VGA and one DVI output so I can connect to both my monitor and my TV. But I guess 2 DVI & DVI-VGA adapter also fine obviously…

I spy a GeForce 6200 AGP on Amazon that is very competitively priced at $33 after rebate… But I am not sure if this would be an improvement, I read that this is a bit crippled compared to its bigger brother the 6600. Unfortunately, I am having a rough time finding benchmark tests for this era AGP cards (All I can find now are PCI-E and/or more modern $$$ bridged cards that are overkill for me…). Am I better trying to find a GeForce 6600 GT on Ebay?

Thoughts? Suggestions? And yes, I know I really should just get a new PCI-E mobo, I know I know, but still…
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  1. You should go for a hd2600xt or 7600gs they sell for a 100$ on newegg
    and are far far far more powerful than a 6200...

    If you want to pay less go for hd2600pro.
  2. So what is the power supply ?
  3. I agree with margag, Hd 2600XT is the way to go pending PSU specifications.
  4. Get a 6600GT. It's under $50 on ebay. Make sure you get one with the HDTV component out dongle included. The 6600GT is comparable to the 9800XT.
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