Multicore + Nforce chipset + ATI-AGP = CRASH BOOM BANG?

Hello everyone.
Just kinda worried... I'm on my beloved Asrock AM2NF3, Nforce 3 250 chipset+1950GT+Athlon 64 X2.

I'm planning to do 2 upgrades this year since its all I can afford. I want to go 3850 AGP and then later on a Phenom.
I use windows XP, can't move to Vista, but also don't really have the intention to. What its making me worry is the support table at

Its really strange... is it for real? Is it true that so few cards are supported once you upgrade to phenom? will I be able to put a 3850? Also, what is worst, everything I read about the 2600XT AGP on newegg... ok, I'm officially in panic. :cry: Does anyone with a bit of knowledge knows better than me whats going on? Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. Best to upgrade the MB as well, as Phenoms can use DDR2 1066 (your board cannot support it)
    If you want an NForce try: (cannot use 1066 or SSE4, and requires a BIOS update for Phenom)

    Personnaly I use this board: (just be sure to get Rev 2 or newer) (also as a side note, I reccomend a ZeroTherm Nirvana for the HSF)

    Also they both use PCI-X 16, not AGP.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    However, I still want to know more about the technical issue. Why does the AGP has something to do with the processor? can't really understand that fact alone.
    Anyway, it seems a good idea to go PCIexpress, but only when I get a good phenom in my hands.
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