need your advice for the following parts (new build)

hello all,

i have been out of the building scene for 6 years, and after graduating college, i am in need of a new computer. i will be using this new build for the following:

watching anime/movies
listening to lots and lots of music
leisure computer use (surfing the internet/reading forums)
file transfers/video encoding into various formats for my apple iphone/ipod/playstation 3/divx files
multimedia (watching movies, youtubing, d/l unlicensed anime via torrent)
burning data
my current spec (if i can remember since i built it in 2002) are:

pentium 4 2.4 ghz
512mb sd ram
nvidia geforce ti4600
80gb hdd + 160gb hdd
sb live! gamer
dvd rom/cd-rw
1.44 floppy
dual 19" lcd samsung
windows xp
standard keyboard/mouse
logitech z-540

i have bought the following parts for my new build:

antec p182
corsair 520hx
thermalright true
crucial ballistix ddr2 pc8500 2x1gb
dual 19" lcd samsung (reusing it from current computer)
klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers (reusing it from previous computer)
sb live! gamer (maybe reusing it, or plan to use the onboard audio on the motherboard)
here are the potential items i plan to buy with the help of you eggxperts:

abit ip-35 pro [any other suggestions (i do not plan to go sli) ]
intel e8400/8500/e6750 or q6600 (any other suggestions)
nvidia geforce 8800gt 512mb (research indicates all brands are identical, so go with the cheaper one)
western digital 75gb raptor x2 in raid 0/1 or 80-200gb seagate sata ii 3.0 (for operating system)
200-500gb seagate sata ii 3.0 (for secondary hdd)
yate loon/scythe fans to replace the antec p182
yate loon/scythe fan for the thermalright true heatsink
logitech wave (any other suggestions)
razer or ratzpadz gaming surface pad (any other suggestions)
any decent black faced dvd+/-rw
any other parts i may be missing
please advise any of the above parts. i am very open to suggestions, and would love your feedback. i do not plan to upgrade until 6-7 years from now.

finally, would this build be able to handle any of the crazy fps games like ut3, half life 2, tfc2, gears of war, and bioshock? the only game i can currently play is the old counter strike and warcraft III dota. i'm hoping this new build will be able to handle starcraft 2 and any other future smash hit games within the next 2 years.

thanks in advance!
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  1. Anything in my sig is highly recommended, your rig is almost identical as it is...... It plays anything you can throw at it game wise, even Crysis at decent quality! I bought a Samsung DVDRW on sale and it's fine, but I'm not too picky, as long as it's black faced.. lol. If you aren't going to upgrade for that long a time, you might want to get the Q6600 for futureproofing. It will be about a year until it becomes more effective, but it will eventually overpower the core2duo's.

  2. I'd go with the ASUS P5 K E with or without WIFI. Less expensive and pretty much the same feature. Video encoding can take advantage of the quad so I'd go with the Q6600.
  3. i know 2 people who got the Abit IP35 pro with the Q6600 and they love it. they both use the system for work. ( auto cad, vid editting, web page ) It has not faild them yet. they think its worth the money.
  4. P35-DS3x or P5K-x
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