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They sent a repairman to fix our tv under a class action suit, he brought his wife and allowed HER to work on our TV he trained her in our living room. They argued the entire time and she proceeded to do as she pleased to our television in our living room. I had no idea she wasn't licensed or trained. This resulted in our television being permanently ruined as she placed too much pressure while driving the screws. Our screen has a black mark running north to south, and it still switches on and off from bad capacitors. { previous to this our television was PERFECT condition, not even a dead pixel} after 20+ phone calls numerous open tickets they made the decision it was not their fault? We have escalated etc to no avail. We spoke to 5 different reps 3 of 5 agreed and apologized saying it will be resolved asap. The last rep of course denied any responsibility. So regardless of Samsung's quality this family no longer will conduct business with Samsung. { to this point we have phones , blue rays, monitors, phones all from Samsung}
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  1. Anyone doing anything. My TV was part if the settlement but I was not notified. My first problem was Feb 2010. Since then it's been serviced 8 times, over 2000 in parts put in. Just last week new capacitor and ballist board, 18 hours later dead again. We all need to take this to Robert I Lax. Samsung is skirting the issue. email me,,
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