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Ok i am new with memory timings and ratios. But i have underclocked my memory to a 1:1 ratio but is there anything i can do with my timings? Should i even mess with them? My timings are 5-5-5-15, if this is needed my voltage is 1.8 overvoltaged at 2.0.
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  1. ok, first thing's first, what is your aim for the end of this?

    If you're system is stable then you shouldnt need to change any timings.

    why did you underclock in the first place?

    Please provide some more info so we can advise better :)

  2. he probably has an fsb of 1333 so he dropped his 800/1066mhz ram to 667, right? you can tighten the timings for an added boost, but i wouldn;t know how... go search the forums your sure to find osmething

    your avatar had me loling chaotic, lmfao
  3. more info, board type etc...
    to "ajw84": if his system is what? i could have my system stable at like 8-8-8-32 if i wanted... if his system is stable, may as well tighten the timings until its unstable, then loosen them just enough so that it is stable, but faster than 5-5-5-15

    agreed with eklipz that its a 1333 cpu... could be a Q6600 at 1066 as well tho... but i doubt he would find anything in the forums on how to tighten the timings in general..its different to every BIOS...if he hasnt even had a look in his bios yet then...

    if you look around your bios you will find something for your RAM timings... use CPUz it should tell you the recommended timings for a certain clock on your RAM.
  4. It is a E6750, i needed to underclock it to 677 because the memory was too high for it to boot.
  5. E6750 is default 333 FSB therefore 667 RAM isnt it....and assuming the RAM you had was 800 mhz.. why the hell wouldnt it boot lol...
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