New systems, need a little help.

So, Im trying to build two almost identical low cost computers, mostly used for WoW and maybe some newer other MMO's. Otherwise, only HL2 and Orange Box games may be played.

The following are the parts Im looking at, Id appreciate any help on driving down the cost some. Im currently at $1438 and would like to be more around $12-1300 total. I need one 22" monitor, I already own one for the other computer. Any help or idea's would be greatly appreciated. Edit- Id also be interested in playing most games around the monitors native resolution, but Im not too terribly bent on it.

(2) 160gb HDD.

(2) Socket AM2 ATX Boards.

(2) HD 2900PRO video cards.

(1) DVD Rom drive, IDE.

(1) DVD Burner, IDE.

(2) 2 gig (2x1) DDR800 Ram.

(2) AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ 2.2ghz processors.

(2) Corsair 520w HX PSU's.

(2) XION Cases. Just want something with decent cooling and that looks nice.

(1) 22" Acer LCD Monitor.
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  1. I don't see any way to reduce the cost of the computer. That leaves the monitor and you don't want a crap monitor. Hann has been getting good reviews on newegg but I'd check professional reviews and they might be a little less expensive. The other alternative would be go with a 19"
  2. Any cheaper and you will be sacrificing performance. As g-paw suggested, a 19" might reduce cost, but it depends on how sold you are on the 22".
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