Audio Drivers not detected.

I recently reformatted and reinstalled windows xp, but now even after I enable windows audio service, enable onboard soundcard, and install drivers I get a "No Audio device detected' In the device manager,my onboard sound card is listed as Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus with a yellow question mark next to it. On its properties it says it is not configured correctly. I have a Asrock k10n78m motherboard. Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. Install the audio driver from the motherboard installation CD or go online to the motherboard product page and download and install the latest sound driver from there.
  2. I have done both, neither works. I install then restart and it still shows the same thing, but my drivers are installed.
  3. Maybe the onboard sound chip is defective and no longer operable. If you have the correct audio driver installed, try deleting the audio device with the yellow ! in Device manager. When the machine restarts perhaps the driver will install on restart. Otherwise, when you did the reformat and reinstallation, some of the files may have been corrupted/omitted. You could run a chkdsk and see if that finds anything.
  4. Okay, will do that.
  5. Didn't work, tried both.
  6. Well, if you are using the correct driver and the sound worked prior to the reinstallation of the OS, either the new OS installation has an error regarding the sound device or the sound chip is defective. Try installing the sound driver in Safe Mode.
  7. Ok, will try installing in safe mode, its late here, so probably going to be going to bed after.
  8. Well it didn't fix it, but now the device is recognized as a Realtek card, and says it has a driver installed ( version is but not configured correctly. It has a yellow ! instead of a ? now. Also it says (code 1) after it not being configured.
  9. I would try instaling the sound driver on the MB CD.
  10. I have, several times, I have tried to use the device manager update drivers tool but that doesnt locate any, so I have to install them manually. I have always installed them manually before by downloading them from asrocks site.
  11. Do yu have any other devices like a PCI device tv tuner card or a usb/pci wireless adapter installed on the machine? There could be a conflict with another device on the system.
  12. No, the only thing I have on the motherboard is my video card, and my ram. Well and my processor.
  13. In Control Panel what happens when you click and open Sound? Also, is there a Realtek sound control panel installed on the Start Menu? How about in Control Panel, any Realtek software control panel for sound?

    I hate to say try a repair install. But if there is a problem in the registry with sound device, this would repair any problem.

    perhaps try agin to 'uninstall' the realtek sound device in Device manager then reboot the system and if realtek sound can pick up the driver and install it.
  14. ALC662 your onbooard chipset described.

    I believe these are the system drivers. Be sure to install the nv all in 1 driver.
  15. I have tried uninstalling the device, and have downloaded those drivers, will download them again and reinstall though. Also there is no realtek option in control panel, when my sound works there should be a red speaker icon, and "no audio device " when i click sounds and audio.
  16. Still nothing, tried reinstalling everything, that didnt work. Uninstalled then restarted, still not working. :(
  17. Be sure to install SP3. Again, for some reason the driver is not installing like it would normally. Could be the result of a 'bad' sound chip. But the sound worked before the reinstallation of XP. Maybe something in the registry is corrupted during the reinstallation of the OS. You may try running CCcleaner's registry cleaner. A Repair Install of the OS is another option.
  18. Which video card do you have installed? This is the latest driver for onboard NV 8100 chipset. If you check the driver details. there are some audio driver related issues adressed. I'm not sure this is the problem.
  19. Sorry, was busy. I have an radeon hd 4650 with the latest drivers installed. Downloading that patch though.
  20. When you load the CCC 10.6 drivers for the Radeon 4650 and do not choose custom installation, a HDMI audio driver is loaded. It could be that driver from the ATI driver is causing a conflict. If you reload the 10.6 CCC driver choose custom install and uncheck the audio driver from the installation. Also, check the add/remove programs in control panel for an audio drivers which may have been installed. I am just speculating, I do not know for a fact if any HDMI audio driver from ATI will cause a problem although it has on some of my systems. Once I removed the ATI HDMI audi driver my audio came back to normal.
  21. Okay, and that nvidia onboard patch said I do not have the right hardware.
  22. I just reinstalled my video card drivers, chose custom install but there were no optional audio drivers. And add or remove programs shows there being a realtek high definition audio driver installed.
  23. I think I would uninstall that realtek audio driver then try and reinstall the original realtek driver from the MB CD. In fact, you might install driver sweeper and uninstall any realtek audio drivers on the system. That would hopefully clean up any registry entrys too.
  24. If you load up Driversweeper there is a specific check box to remove all traces of prior instance of realtek audio driver. This would include the registry. I think I would give this a try.
  25. Well, did Driversweep, deleted everything to do with realtek and then reinstalled the drivers from the cd. Now Its back to having a ? next to it in device manager.
  26. Well, what happens when you click 'run' on this Microsoft Windows auto audio troubleshooter.
  27. It failed to install, going to try and reinstall.
  28. It says it requires windows powershell on that page, im going to download that as well
  29. Downloaded the required files and installed but it still cannot run for some reason.
  30. Have you considered buying a second party sound card and instaling that for sound? Newegg has some cheap ones that provide sound for cheap. I have an Encore version 5.1 similar to the top one liested here and it works fine on some older machines I have. At this point the only thing I can think of is a repair install to see if something is corrupted in the registrty preventing the driver from installing. Or the sound chip has just plain bit the dust. Hard to say really. The driver should install otherwise.
  31. I'm setting at a system that the LAN controller does not show at all in Device manager. It's a refurbished unit I kept because everything else on the board workd fine and it's out of production. I installed a $9 LAN card and it works fine. 'Scuse me while I reboot and enable LAN in BIOS for the umpteenth time. I have to check with a magnifying glass for phsical damage to the plug when I get time. Been messing with the missing onboard LAN controller for some time now. It's all magic by now LOL.
  32. Lol, well thanks anyways, I was planning on buying a new hard drive from new egg anyways, will add a sound card to my list.

    Appreciate you taking your time to help, thanks again.
  33. Your welcome. I wish we could have solved the problem.
  34. I had a similar problem on two systems, one w/HD3870 and one w/HD4870 - uninstall any ATI graphic drivers you have installed. Re-start, then install the drivers from the CD that came with your HD4650. Then restart the computer and open device manager (you should not find any yellow question marks), go to Sound, video, and game controllers, and should find "ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio - ATI AA01."
  35. I forgot, if you do not have have MS's .NET, ATI drivers won't work. Installing .NET will be an option when you load the HD4650 Installation CD.
  36. Okay, sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I have installed the drivers, it says they are ati high function drivers. There are no yellow flags, but I still don't have sound, I have my sound service started but it says no audio detected.
  37. ATI's HD audio channels the audio through the HDMI cable to the TV/Monitor and its speakers. The Realtek HD can run through analog speakers using the colored jacks on the rear of the motherboard, or with an optical cable using the S/PDIF jack on the rear of the motherboard. What speakers and jack/cable are you using to hear your audio?
  38. Im not sure what my speakers are, but I am using the green audio jack on the back of the computer, it has always worked before. Im gonna be gone for a bit after this.
  39. That is the analog line-out for a 2 or 2.1 speaker configuration. Really dumb questions: Are the speakers connected to each other properly, and powered-on?
  40. More dumb questions: Volume control on the speakers turned up? Volume control in the tray turned up (not muted)?

    You know I'm reaching here. You should have sound.
  41. I cant turn the volume icon in the tray up, it isnt there because i have no audio device it says. I do have my speakers turned up, and have tried my headset as well. My audio service is started, so i really have no idea why its doing this.
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