Help from any Thermaltake Lanbox owners!

I want to purchase this case Thermaltake VF1000BWS Lanbox. I was wondering if anybody who owns a TT lanbox, could measure the TT lanbox, I want to do a new build which would include the TT lanbox with a HD 3870x2 and the card is around 10.5 in. which is roughly 26-27 cm. If somebody could tell me how much room there is, it would be greatly appreciated.

Another thought what is the best PSU I can use that will have enough juice for one raptor, one 7200 rpm drive, a DVD+RW, a wolfdale, ASUS P5E-VM HDMI, Asus xonar D2X, HD 3870x2, and [2] 2gb sticks of ddr2 ram? I was thinking in the 650W to 700W range. I would like to be able to manage the cables well, while still having pretty good stability, I don't mind going with a PSU with multiple 12v rails, and modular cables would help, but it is a pretty small case so flexibility is important. Any advice would be helpful.
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  1. Any takers? read 60 times, no replies :heink: , well at the same time I made that post I also emailed Thermaltake about it. I wonder who will answer first? :whistle:

  2. For PSU could look into Antec NeoHE 500/550w models, they're modular, so you wouldn't have tons of unused cables like with most PSU's. I use the 500w to power my Q6600/8800gts 640/2gb ram etc etc.
  3. ty pous, I was thinking of taking an approach i used on my present build i got a strider 850watt silverstone for my current build, with the short cabling kit, I think I'm going to try that again, but how much power do yout hink I"ll need? I was thinking to compensate for the 4 rails, and the fact that it is modular. (there is the decathlon series from silversotne that does use a single rail, but the short cabling kit says its only supported with the strider series, can anyone confirm this?) I'll end up emailing silverstone support, in an effort to get an answer from them.

    Another Idea I had was taking a PCP&C 610 watt and cutting off all the cables I don't need and or shortening the cables, anybody got any experience with this.

    Or perhaps know of a company that makes PSU's specificaly for using them in a SFF like a thermaltake lanbox.
  4. I used an antec bp550....this is a modular power supply thet fit well and mounted with the fan on the bottom, it helps pull air from my cpu. Yes it well fit the large video cards, but you may have to remove the hard drive bay to do so, I'm pretty sure that a single 3870 fits, but with the 4800's coming out I don't think that a 3870x2 is a good route to go...the 4850 kills it. Hope this helps.
  5. This fits micro ATX boards?

    Do they make a Crossfire mATX board?

    Or are you just going to use two 3870's for multiple displays?

    Seems like overkill just for dual display...
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