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I'm thinking about installing an NAS solution in my flat and LaCie products looks interesting. There is the Network Space and the Internet Space.

I think I would like to access the disk mainly via Samba or NFS or AFP but the LaCie documentation is not very clear which protocols they support. The Network Space seems to have only a FTP. The Internet Space says something about samba in the product specification on the web page but I could not find anything about it in the 70 page user guide which I found a bit strange.

Does somebody own one of the products to give an andvice ß

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  1. We're big fans of Lacie. I bought my wife three USB 2.0 Lacie bricks last year, all of them 500gb. I just noticed there are 1 terabyte Lacie bricks. They are the most dependable external storage we've used; better than Western Digital external drives or old IDE drives in external USB 2.0 bays.

    We're thinking of upgrading to LaCie network storage too this year, but aren't that interested in remotely accessing data from outside the house.

    A U.K. blogger has a LaCie FAQ page:

    Have you seen the following reviews?

    The above review says that all you do is go to LaCie's HipServ's home page and sign in to access your drive from a remote location. Presumably, on a home network, it would simply be recognized as one of the PC's.

    Another short review that says you just sign into LaCie's site:

    Mac oriented review:

    I'll be researching this further too, as income tax refund's almost here and we plan on buying a 1 terabyte LaCie storage solution and are inclined towards a networked drive this time around.

    I just checked LaCie's U.S. website and they only seem to carry the Network Space, not the Internet Space:
  2. Hi,
    thanks for your answer. I'm also not really interested in the Internet share. I had a look at all the links you posted but still I don't see many references to the Samba possibilities of those 2 NAS. The only thing I've found on the Internet Space is "Share locally (SMB)" but that's really everything ..

    My main and only usage would be to access it via Samba as a mounted disk. I don't want to access it via FTP or worse via HTTP.

    I found it suspicious that the SMB feature is not really advertised.

  3. Lacie Network space does use SMB. I get about ~4MB/s transfer when using Samba. Over FTP it is reported to be a bit faster.

    This is more than enough for watching movies, listening to mp3s etc. However, if you want to copy a few GB's.... be ready to wait a while.

    I hooked up my other USB-disk (500GB, 400GB used). The LaCie made a backup automatically (not sure if this is a great add-on...) It took honestly more than 2 full days (over 50 hours...).
  4. ok thanks for your answer.

    What abount NFS ? Does it support it ?

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