Why does my 8600GT shows 512 mb but it is only 256mb

Hey guys, I'm curious about my video cards total memory. I'm using a Inno3d I-Chill 8600GT Xtriker3 256mb, but when i checked with dxdiag it shows in my approximate memory that I have 512mb. Is it malfunctioning or there is some explanation to this.

I remember also when I checked with system requirements lab that my card shows 512 also. But at Bios startup, it tells me that I have 256mb only.
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  1. short answer goes something like this:

    Your card has 256mb of physical memory and 512 of shared/virtual memory. Up to 256 mb of your actual ram can be designated to help your video card.
    Same idea of onboard cards with no memory but say 256 mb of shared Vram....
  2. If you still have the box somewhere on it should be the word Turbo cachce which meant what bc said.
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