overclocking a Q9450 help

guys, i am currently running a new system and am looking to overclock the cpu for the first time

Q9450 2.66 ghz stock
asus p5e deluxe
4 gig ocz reaper 1066 ram
zalman 9700led cooler
antec 900 case
4870 gpu
sata 500 gig hdd

can you guys give me a basic guide to overclocking this cpu by raising the fsb?
any help appreciated

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  1. It all depends on where you wish to over clock the thing to.

    Basically, the thing to remember is how you get the speeds. For the processor speed, its the FSB x the CPU Multiplier. (x8 in your case.) = Speed. So its 8 x 333 = 2.66.

    And once you place the RAM in sync mode, it'll be the FSB x 2 = RAM speed.

    So basically moving the FSB from 333 to 400 would make it 400 x 8 for 3.2 Ghz, and 400 x 2 for 800 Mhz RAM, and you tighten the timings as well as you can for running it under speed.

    The speed doesnt matter, once it goes over the FSB, so thats why people run it in sync. The FSB is the Memories pathway everywhere else. So it can only take data equal to its size from and to the RAM.

    Running the RAM over it, can slow it down, as it has to break the data up and send the rest on the next cycle, and then re assemble it.

    Anyways, you will have to change a few other things, like voltages, once you decide where to over clock to!

    Also, DL the program, Core Temp, or Real Temp, and look for your VID, then list that here, will ya??


  2. thanks for the response lupi, i was kinda looking on more of a guide on how to do it. can anyone help?
  3. ok i have looked at my VID, it is 1.1000v in stock. the freequency is currently showing 20003.7 mghz (333.95 x 6)

    does that make it easier for u guys?
  4. No, not yet. Although it would be totally awesome if that is it's true VID! So I wish for the best!

    Now go into the Bios and disable C1E Under CPU options, as well as Speed step, and EIST, then re check with core temp or real temp!

    If it's still that, It's on to helping you!


  5. I wish I had a VID of that...haha. Mine is 1.250. Voltage right now is 1.3 for 3.2GHz.
  6. Most are over 1.2000, and a few under 1.2000 but over 1.16.

    A single one has been near the lowest, 1.1125.

    So I am hoping to see a 1.1000 and then have someone who wants to really see how well it can do!!

    I have my fingers, toes, and circuits crossed!

  7. If it is indeed 1.10v, you havea a very good chip to overclock :).
  8. Hehe, you have peoples attentions now, it appears!

    By your CPU speed and multiplier it's obvious you have one of em on! Now we need to see just what the enabled option is adjusting.

    For instance, on my p5k-e wifi, it cant change the voltages dynamically downward when load line calibration is enabled, so I get the multiplier drop, but no voltage!

    So it is possible with the CPU options enabled to still have a 1.1000, the odds of getting that VID in the first place are very slim to none, hehe!

    So, in conclusion: One can still hope!


  9. sorry guys im pretty useless with computer stuff, if this is amazing it might be lost on me. can someone actually explain to me what vid is and how it will impact the oc
  10. haha okay, so probably now **** it, turned off speed step and it is 1.2125
    now better for some help?
  11. lol what a shame....anywho, i suggest upping the FSB to 360 ish FSB, prime95 testing it then upping it again to 400, upping the voltage slightly each time if necessary. (that is if it fails prime 4 or 8 hours small FFT's...) read some overclocking guides seriously theres tons of em out there...
  12. ok so i raised the fsb up to 375 and it is clocked at around 3 ghz, will i need to increase fan speed or will it do this automatically depending on system stress. how do i get my hands on prime95 and how will i know if i need to up the voltage?
  13. ok bump guys, i have increased the fsb to 400 which takes my cpu to 3.2ghz, im confident with my case, ram and cooling this will be fine, i am going to run prime 95 but i need to know if i need to manually increase my fan speed (9700led) or if i need to increase my voltage before i try this (currently VID 1.2125v) - any help would be greatly appreciated, u guys have helped stacks already

  14. i need to know what settings to run prime95 in also, do i just use the small and run it for 8 hours, or do i need to set a timer etc. my cpu is idoling around 40%, what temperature is acceptable if i run this program
  15. ok, so i had a go at prime 95 last night. i ran it on small ffts for about 9 hours, no error messages or stoppages (giving the computer a much deserved rest atm :P), but it seemed to handle it fine. the core temp didn't rise above about 55 the entire time (it is idoling at just shy of 40) so i dont think cooling is a concern. I also didnt change up the VID so it is still currently running the 1.2125v, and that seemed to work fine. I also ran 3dmark 06, i saw an increase from around 13950 to 15380. im pretty confident to keep the current settings, the only setting i havent really touched is ram timings, as far as i know they are still on auto in my bios.

    does anyone have any further comments regarding the timings or any of the above? or am i right to go... Also just want to say thanks to everyone who gave advice on the board, really helped me out, i was getting some help from a friend but there was stuff here that he neglected to suggest.

    thanks, lawrie34
  16. ahh have you put the RAM in 1:1 with the CPU and tightened the timings, testing with memtest?
  17. i have the ram in 1:1, the timings are still 5:5:5:15 or something i think, do u have any recomendations with timings?
  18. yea just tighten them up until it doesn't boot anymore or defaults back to the factory optimized default or you may have to reset the cmos every time the timings are too low
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