which one Vendetta 2 or Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer or HDT-S1283 ???

im looking for the best heatsink that will fit my evga 790i ultra..
since i already had problam with a previous heatsink i tryed to mount on the board and had to drop it i really need help!
i've chosen these three since they looked like the best ones these days but any suggestion will do!
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  1. All three of those are about the same size and shape.

    Of those, I prefer the Xigmatek as long as you get the retention bracket with it.

    I think you are going to have issues with many coolers with that tall NB heatsink.

    Pretty sure you could fit any of the coolers in, but you might have to mount them backwards and pull air through them rather than push... in other words, that heatsink might interfere with the fan if you mount it standardly.
  2. If i were to get a completely new CPU cooler right now, I'd consider the Core Contact Freezer; it comes with TX-2!

    On the other hand, according to this review:


    The Vendetta II is actually better. I don't trust other reviews like the ones at Frosty Tech. I know that Benchmark Reviews does really extensive testing, maybe the Vendetta II is better.
  3. Core Contact Freezer is the best performing among them.
  4. CCF is slightly cooler and slightly shorter. i believe the V2 is slightly quieter than both however although i could be wrong.
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