can anyone tell me why? New P5B MB, USB HAS POWER BUT NO REACTION?

I just installed a new P5B motherboard to replace my broken p5ld2, everything works, power on, get to windows log on,,, but no usb devices work, ie keyboard, mouse. Usb on board in back dont work, connections on board to front of case don't work. All connetions power my mouse, laser turns on, but doesnt react...

the mouse works,, tried it on another comp.

is this a motherboard issue? should I rma? or I am doing something stupid? Bios need to be flashed? that wouldn't make any sense tho cause everything works.

any suggestions? please
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  1. happened to me a few years back, the cables that plug into the mobo were actually on upside down.. they still fit perfectly, but they were just on wrong... one was even in a firewire port, lol.... ah the good ol days of my 1st build.....

    Of course, the usb plugs on the back of the mobo should work by default, so that's an entirely different issue...

    It is possible the mobo is faulty, try calling customer support before considering an RMA.
  2. Did you just switch MoBo's or is this a fresh instal? Cuz if its a replaced-some-major-component-and-now-its-up-to-the-OS-to-figure-it-out kind of problem, then it would be your fault for not doing a fresh instal. Also, durring boot up can you hit tab to see the POST results or del to get into the bios setup with a USB keyboard?
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