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I'm trying to set up xbox live for my son. I have a Linksys Router (Wireless-G Bradband router with SRX400). Everything seems to be connected poperly but when he goes to test it we get a message saying There is a problem with your connection. Select more info for a discriptionof the problem and how to fix it. we then get a message that says Can't connect to wireless network. Turn your router or modem off and back on and wait 30 seconds. We restarted both thecable modem and the wireless router and still get test failed message. Dose anyone have any suggestions .

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  1. first thing you should try is connecting your xbox via an ethernet cable if this gets you online but you still want wireless then you may need to open ports or as its better known port forwarding google it there are many guides on the internet on how to do this also there are other cross platform chat/game programs available for free on the internet try googleing xlink kai or visit these progams are not part of m$ and donot contain any downloadable content just online gaming.
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