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I have a E6750 processor on a GA-P35-DS3 rev. 1.0 with F13 bios.
My Ram is 4*1 Super Talent DDR2 CL4.

My question is about the timings.
The CPU is at 3.4GHz.
My timings now are 5-7-7-19.
In the Bios i saw Advanced Timing Control. I presume that's the subtimings' control. They are as follows:
Act to act delay tRRD - 3
Rank write to read delay - 3
Write to precharge delay - 6
Refresh to act delay - 42
Read to Precharge delay - 3
Static tRead value - 7
Static tRead phase Adjust - 17


And the main question is how to adjust the ram timings and the subtimings respectively in order to work at 3.4Ghz Cpu Speed? And of course to have a stable machine.
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  1. Pretty much all you need to do is place the memory ratio on 2.00 and it will run with the FSB, and not in that 5:6ratio you are using now.

    Once it is in sync mode, I would just run it at 850 Mhz in 5-5-5-15 like it should be. You are currently running it at 1000+ because of the divider, but since your FSB is only 425, you are wasting much over the 850 Mhz anyways, since the Data cant cross the FSB faster than it can carry it.

    IE, FSB is 425, your RAM is pretty much runnin' at 425 in speed, though the RAM itself appears to be functioning at a higher speed.

    Good Luck!

  2. I did what you told me.
    But what about the subtimings. Should i tighten them up somehow?
  3. You can always try! Though its quite obscure what some of them do! You would need to research each one, and see how it relates to the other.

    I have no clue about alot of them, myself!

    Fun times, hehehe.

  4. have fun resetting bios every time u tighten them too much!
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