BFG 8800gt OC Raised Voltage to 1.1v (Clocks)

For anyone who doesn't have the time or just doesn't want to physical mod you can just use Nibitor, there are some tutorials around. But i just wanted to show other 8800gt(s) owners what my BFG 8800gt OC clocks are.

These are stable BTW:

Also if you guys want i can make a step-by-step tutorial on how i did it.

Also people have had P35-DS3l booting problem on the flash drive, i found out how to fix it.
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  1. I'm running 2 BFG 8800GT in SLI both cards are BIOS flashed, voltage is stock.


    Both cards OC further individually but they're set lower to run together in SLI

    Idle temp = GPU 1 42c GPU 2 44c

    Load temp = GPU 1 48c GPU 2 50c

    3D Mark 03 = 57,829

    Not too bad for stock voltage Eh!

    The key is keeping them cool!
  2. I got 690/1730/950 with stock. When I tried the voltage mod to 1.1V, I wasn't able to over clock much further without the same arti-facting I get with stock voltage.
  3. I actually started getting that problem so i reverted back to 1.0v and the highest without any artifacts is:


    Using Vista BTW.

    But different cards mean different stability.
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