Looking for a good NAS. At least 2-bay, but 4 would be nice.

Anyone have any suggestions for a nice NAS that's not too expensive. I have a couple SATA drives and would like to have the option to add more later on for added space.
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  1. I just purchased a Thecus N4100Pro 4 - bay NAS. I chose it because it offered lots of features such as a FTP & Print Server. The FTP server is realy nie since I travel I can access all my files. It features RAID 0,1,5,6,10 and also has the capabilities of a Media & Itune server as well. Set was easy but building the RAID-5 was S L O W. I used 4 1TB WD 1001 FALS hard drives. I've only had it for 2 weeks and it seems to be all that the they said it would be. Check out their site. www.thecus.com.

    Hope this helps
  2. Your thecus N4100Pro does not support eSata though, which is a big no-no if you are looking at moving a lot of content in and out of the box in a decent amount of time.

    Anyway, if you could provide us with more info on your needs/requirements, that would help narrow down the list. Things like budget, capacity, type of connection, size, etc...
  3. I think the DLink DNS-323 is a good compromise between features and price, I just got one for myself.
  4. Drobo + Droboshare!!
  5. I have a Thecus N2100 and it is an awsome little box, overheats with certain drives tho....

    Unfortuanatly it was killed a few months ago by a direct strike, took out 2x UPS, 1x N2100 and 1x Server PC

    N299 is same thing but without some features and is a bit slower....

    I have a DNS-323 before these and hated every second, Mirror RAID does NOT work.
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