My Ram is limiting My Cpu overclock

Hello all, Ive been searching for a while and cannot find any directly helpful information. Learned a lot but cannot apply it without a few missing links.
Im trying to overclock my E6400 to 3.0 Ghz
Im running it on a Biostar TP43D2-A7
With 2GB Generic DDR2 667 @1.888v 5-5-5-15 @ 333
8800 Gts 320
Oh yeah and Vista 32(Not for long though, I really wanna put on XP Pro)

Im Using the Biostar Overclock Tool in windows. I have noticed that the processor automatically increases voltage as necessary when i increase the clock speed. When I increase CPU frequency the ram increases at a rate of 1.25 that of the CPU. When i get to 320 x 8 im at 2.56 Ghz, and the memory is reading 400 mhz so im assuming being dual channel its @ 800 mhz. I can run stably like this for about an hour before it crashes... I dont think the ram can run any faster. So can I slow down the RAM or change the ratio at which it increases? I cannot find anything to do with dividers in my BIOS. I read up on loosening up the RAM but still dont quite understand it... Can i run it @ 200 mhz so when i overclock the Cpu the RAM is can still goto 400 from 200? Or do i need to buy better faster RAM. I was considering buy a 2gb 1066 high quality kit, would that make a noticeable difference. Like when im playing crysis?

Also Im using ATI tool to overclock the GPU on my video card, but it wont let me SET the clock speeds? I click set and everything goes back to Zero..... I dont get it.. Vista related?

Thanks for any input...
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  1. Also would anyone recommend keeping Vista 32 Ultimate over going to XP PRO SP3?
  2. Never use that Biostar Overclock Tool or any other manufacturer-supplied overclocking utility. They make "hidden" changes and are not stable. Change the settings yourself in the BIOS. Set your memory bus speed to match the FSB as follows: set the memory bus to DDR2-xxx speed, where xxx is 1/2 the FSB datarate. For example, for a 1333MHz FSB datarate, set the memory bus to DDR-667. Sounds like you also need to buy some decent DDR2-800 RAM (don't buy anything with a spec voltage higher than 1.9V).
  3. In bios underclock it to 667.
  4. SuzukiRider said:
    Also would anyone recommend keeping Vista 32 Ultimate over going to XP PRO SP3?

    I have that same motherboard overclock from the bios like was mentioned its not any harder and you'll have more options to fine tune things more. Anyways try to stick to a 1:1 ratio and as for the ram DDR1066 should help performance some. The TP43D2-A7 motherboard supports more than 1.9V so it's really kind of a non issue on this board just look for the lowest latency DDR2 1066 you can find basically G. Skill makes some good ram I just got some my self rated at 2.1v that works fantastic. Anyways here's a guide based off the bios from the P45 board made by biostar which the majority of the settings are identical that should help you out a bit.

    Also here's a blog I have on the board in case you want to leave some comments on how your board is.
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