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I want an honest opinion about DFI's LanParty motherboards. I recently bought a HIS 3870x2, so now I need to sell my 780i and get a n x38! I have really been looking for a good motherboard that supports my 45nm wolfdale and runs crossfire. Any reviews on DFI LanParty x38 or p35 chipset boards?
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/248138-12-quality

    I've usually recommended DFI and found them fairly solid in the past :).
  2. I have had a CFX3200 DR/G (Socket 939/Crossfire) board for I guesss 3 years now? This was the first board to support CXF 16 lanes X2 at full speed.
    Absolutely love it.
    The BIOS on DFI boards is really, really in depth...they are made for overclockers. DFI builds with premium quality parts and extreme overclocking in mind.
    I haven't ran Crossfire on the board, yet. Been waiting for ATI to come up with something worth putting into Crossfire!
    Almost CXF'd my 1950pro, but decided to go with Vista, and wait on a decent DX10 card from ATI, at the right price.

    I would recommend a DFI board to anyone with a little building experience, they are really not meant for beginners.
  3. dfi x38 is the one id get it has 16x 16x crossfire p35 i think is 16x 4x ive read good things about the boards if you are only going to use one card the p35 would be better but if you are going to run crossfire you should get a x38 li t2r ive got the x48 lt t2r they say the only differance is the x48 goes a little higher on the fsb
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