[Please] Upgrading to Raid 0, anyway to keep the old data?

Right now I am using Vista 64 bit with ONE WD HD, I am planning on purchase another HD and convert it to a RAID 0 setting.

My question is, is there anyway I can just migrate the files on this HD to the new raid setting?

So basically, right now i have HD#1, with data set 1 on it. I am getting HD#2 and setting up a raid (HDR). I want this HDR to have data set 1.

Is this confusing? lol

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The only way to this is to mirror the data drive to a third drive other than 1 of the 2 you will putting into RAID. After you have the array built, you can then mirror the image from the 3rd drive to the RAID array.
    Acronis will do this quite handily.
  2. The only way to keep your old data with any resemblance of security is to get a backup drive that doesn't sit in your computer (which reduces the possibility of loss of data by virus, theft or whathaveyou).

    I highly suggest you buy an external drive if you want to sleep at night knowing your data is safer :P
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