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I have inherited an old compaq s6220wm without HDD from a friend. Whenever I attempt to boot windows XP from a tested and working HDD, I am given the screen with the option for safemode, regularboot, etc. After selecting a boot option, the PC will start the boot process, and then a few seconds reboot, without any error message. Insterestingly, I can boot just fine with the LiveCD into Linux.

System specs are:
Celeron (Single Core) 2.80GHZ
40GB (Tested and working on another PC) Seagate HDD

Thanks for any help,
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    Your working HDD w/XP doesn't have the drivers for the s6220wm motherboard and components installed, so XP cannot initialize and operate the hardware. You could likely do a clean install of XP if you have the XP disk. I would visit Compaq's site (here), download the drivers, and use [#ff0000]nLite[/#ff0000c] to create a custom XP installation integrating all the compaq drivers to the installation.
  2. If you have the XP CD, do a repair.
    Go get more memory while you're at it. 1GB will help machine run better.
  3. Thanks for the advice!!
    I spent the weekend re-installing XP home on the HDD, and presto the problem dissappeared. Now I am off to get some more RAM.

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  5. You are welcome. Have fun with it.
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