modding my case? cooler master CM-690

hey I was checkin' out some of the case mods, and the pics looked sweet as hell. Anyway I have this case, and while I don't really want to mod it to the extreme, I would like to add a side panel window... Is this possible? If so, any suggestions on how I would go about doing it? Hell if you guys know of a side panel that I could just buy (that will fit perfectly), then I don't mind doing that either :)

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  1. Step 1. Buy a dremel, or a good Jig Saw /w metal blades.
    Step 2. go to, or Xoxide, and look for case window mods/kits.
    (or even a complete side panel /w window)
    Step 3. follow the instructions with the kit.
    Step 4. Enjor your new case mod/side panel

    (invest in cable ties to keep down on the Spaghetti look of the cables inside tho)
  2. sweet thanks guys!
  3. I second the Dremel tool with some Rotozip style cutting bits.

    If you live near a home improvement center such as Home Depot or Lowes, they have precut Plexiglas panels pretty cheap. You will still have to trim it, but that is not a big deal with the $5 tool they will sell you.

    The best way to attach is 2 part epoxy. Also cheap. Just give it proper curing time.
  4. Wach my CM 690 really modded ;-) this is a work in progres....50% of mod ;-)
  5. I added a window to mine similar to the one in the video.

    I used double sided sticky tape. Turned out real nice. I made a mistake in that I made the window to big which cause the plastic window to get in the say the side panel support and the way it hooks onto the case. I can still get it on, but its not a perfect fit by any means.

    Here is what I did for parts.

    Plastic window: home depot
    U channel molding : advance autoparts.. autozone may have it also
    Double sided sticky tape: I got mine at walmart- but homedepot and Advance have it

    I used a jig saw with a Lenox bi-metal 24 tooth blade to cut out window. It works, better than a dremal due to speed and control, but I wish there was another way. The rotozip idea sounds interesting. Dremel has a similiar tool as the rotozip.
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