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I have an Intel Matrix Storage controller, in the process of replacing the 3 drives the last one is Offline Member. I added a 4th drive it's also Offline Member. I tried formatting, removing partitions and they still come up Offline Members. HELP!
These are all 250GB SATA Seagates. The system is still running on 2 drives. I would like to save the Win2003 server Standard install with all our third party apps. Any Ideas?
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  1. OK, here it is "How to put a drive Online". a drive goes Offline when it's damaged OR it's been replaced with a drive from another array and the controller thinks it belongs in your array. So, the way to make it available is to take it out of the array. Using option 3 ‘Reset Hard Drives to Non-RAID’ in the ROM setup. Scarey! the last thing I would have thought of but, it lets you remove individual drives from an array in addition to removing the array it self.
  2. what about if multiple drives go offline in a raid 5?
  3. if more than 1 drive goes in raid 5 then you pray you have a good backup "."
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