How to wipe hard drive???

hi i accidently downloaded a virus and now my computer doesnt go any further than the windows xp loading screen (it reboots immediately after it finishes loading the OS) im wondering if there is a way to wipe my hard drive w/o getting into windows itself??? (i kno nothing about programming)
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  1. Well, if you are wanting to wipe it clean and reinstall windows, just throw the windows disc in and boot from the cd/dvd drive. The windows install will allow you to repartition and format the drive pre install.
  2. ya i tried that but it wont let the disc boot up.... im rly confused haha
  3. what do you mean it won't let the disc boot up? Did you set it to boot before the HDD in the bios? do you get an error message? please be more verbose.
  4. sorry... like i said dont kno much about the programming side of computers.... im gonna check again but i think it is set to boot prior to the hdd..... ill get back to u on that one... but the disk drive only starts reading after the OS loading page has gone off and then the computer restarts.... so i may be wrong as to where the disc drive is set to boot... and no i dont get an error message
  5. well you need to go into your bios setup to change the boot sequence. The post screen (boot up screen showing technical info) should say press X key to enter setup. Press the key it says and find the boot sequence menu. Change it to only boot from the CD drive if you are having trouble and don't even allow it to read the HDD for boot if that is a problem for you. If you have done all that, then we may be looking at a hardware issue, but I have a good feeling it is a simple misconfiguration for the boot.
  6. yup... thx thats all it was.. (goes to show how much i dont kno haha) thanks for the help
  7. :) glad you got it all sorted out.
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