Running unmatched video cards

Is it possible to use a pair of unmatched video cards, each running a separate monitor?

I'm going to build a new computer in a couple of months and plan on buying a high level Nvidia graphics card. In my current computer I have an Nvidia 7900GTX PCI card, and I'm wondering if I could use the new video card to drive my old, 19 inch monitor and then hook the new video card up to a new 24 inch I plan on buying.

Would this work, and would I gain anything from it? I do mostly CAD and general spreadsheet and database work, along with the family use for internet and occasional gaming.

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  1. I'm no expert but I've never heard of that and have a feeling it won't work. I think you'd be better off running 2 monitors off of the one high-end Nvidia card. I also believe that you need 2 of the same monitor or at least ones that are the same size to go dual monitors.
  2. Going to be a BIG gamble. Depends on the card, drivers, application etc. First both cards need to be from the same manufacturer. Can't mix ATI and nvidia. Next should be close to the same generation. And the latest drivers are NOT necessarily the best, you'll have to play with different ones to find what works.
    But I don't think you will need to as most of the new mid to upper end cards have dual output, that is unless your 24" needs dual dvi input.
    I did it for a while with a 1900 XTX initially alone and then in Crossfire and a 850XTX. Actually for a while had 3 monitors, 2x Syncmaster 204b's and 1 19" on the 850. Great for FSX, but not so good for Autocad. Had issues and really slowed down the redraw, even though I ran ac on the 1900's.

    To eliminate headaches, I bought a 8800 GTX, though I should have gone with the higher end quadro or FireGl.
  3. It works. I wouldn't use a 7900gtx for it though. Sell it and buy a cheaper card for that. Some of the newer Cards can power two monitors themself, so you might not even need a second card.
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