Any idea when we can expect 8900GT/GS cards???

I was thinking of buying the XFX 8800GTS 512mb card but i am really hoping Nvidia bring out a 8900 series or something of that sort. Tried looking around but couldnt get hold of any tidbits. Any ideas when we can expect a 89xx series cards?
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  1. Well, the 9800 series will launch sometime in Q2, mayve late Q1. The performance won't be that much greater, aside from getting the 9800GX2, which will be better than an ultra in most cases.
  2. I'd say if there ever was going to be an 8900 series the g92 would have been it. Instead Nvidia decided to re-release the 8800 cards, but basically you can consider both the 8800GT and the 512MB 8800GTS to be 8900 cards in the traditional sense. Perhaps even the 9800GX2 if rumors are true.

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  3. G92 should have been the 8900 series.

    8900GTS, 8900GT

    This makes sense, since the 7900GT was very near the 7800GTX.
  4. Nvidia is changing thier naming convention. I assume it's to try to sucker people into buying the awesome 9800 series, when in fact it should be named the 8900.
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