How well would a Radeon 3850 play CSS?

I'm getting a Visiontek Radeon 3850 512mb for my new build. I don't game much, but do love Counterstrike: Source. I am currently being forced (by my computer) to play at 800x600 resolution, with most settings on low. I am very curious how high I will be able to get my settings and still get playable fps.

When I ran the in-game stress test with above settings, I got 78 fps. I will be getting a 22" monitor with this new build, capable of 1680 x 1050 resolution. How high would I be able to get the resolution, while still upping the other settings (aa, etc).

I'd love to hear from people with this card, who already have css.

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  1. I don't own the card but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to play CSS with no problems. Even my 7950GT was able to run CSS at 1920x1200 with no problems.
  2. Yeah that card will play 1680 x 1050 with max details and as many filters as you want for ccs. I had a 7600gt that was definitely up to the task. 3850 >>>7600gt
  3. i have a geforce 7600GT and i can play CSS all settings maxed with 2x FSAA at 1680x1050 fairly well. It does stutter occasionally but im going to blame that on my P4 and lack of ram. with those settings, the in-game benchmark gives an average of ~77fps. so with a video card and probably pc that's light years ahead of mine, you'll be able to play just fine.
  4. Great, thanks! I'll look forward to that, it'll definitely be a giant step up from 800x600. How do you think it would perform on COD4? I've read a review of that game, and it looks absolutely beautiful.
  5. Like everyone else said. You have nothing to worry about. The Source engine is amazingly scalable, not that it'd need to scale for that beast . The only cards that are better than the 3850 on the market right now are: 8800(GTX/GTS/GT) and the 2900XT/Pro (Same card) and the 3870. Everything else the 3850 walks all over. Plus it uses very little power and is decently overclockable.
  6. what are you using that has to use 800x600??? even my year and a half old entry level laptop manages 1024x768
  7. You be able to play it with no problems!

    The Source engine is amazing efficient for the eye candy it produces. As long as you have a decent CPU and a gig or 2 of RAM, you will be able to play it with all the settings maxed, with 4xAA and 16AF.


    PS. By the way, what CPU you using with the 3850, and what is the old graphic card you are/were using?
  8. I'll be using the e2180 processor, for now. I'm planning to upgrade to an e8400, or maybe a penryn quad later on.

    Lol spuddyt and's pretty old... I'm using a 5 year old dell laptop, with a geforce4 go 440 graphics card.

    EDIT: hey, you play spuddyt? what's your name on there, I might've awped you a few times haha -
    mine's SnapSnake
  9. well CSS isn't graphic intense so your fine
  10. the HD3850 will kick COD4s ass. You can even max most of the settings. over clock that e2180 though to about 3.0G
  11. Are you running your e2180 @ stock? or do you overclock?

    Most videocards now a days really scale well with processor speed. So if you could at least bump the e2180 to ~3Ghz, you will see a additional nice improvement in performance of the 3850.
  12. really babybudha? I didn't know processor speed had anything to do with graphics cards. Either way, I do plan to overclock. And that's great to hear compukid, I'd really like to try cod4 out.
  13. Well since I had an X1950 Pro that played CoD4 maxed out at 16x10 you should be fine...

    My 7600 GT did play TF2 maxed out at 16x10 as well (updated Source Engine).
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