A case and power supply that support 8+ hard drives

I am looking for a case that can easily hold 8 plus hard drives and have ample airflow through them. The only case I have found that comes close to meeting my needs is this Lian li case but it is rather expensive.
I am also looking for a power supply that has a enough connectors for at least 8 sata power plugs and 6 molex connectors for ide drives and fans. I have a 500w Antec modular power supply now that seems to do fine on the power side of things but it is lacking in connectors.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
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  1. CoolerMaster Stacker TO-1 holds two PSU's and 11 HD's/ROM's/Front Panel controlers.
    It also can mount mini-ATX,ATX or full sized server MB's.
    It is also still the best cooling case around.
    Remove (unscrew) the rear exit fan grill for 100% unobstructed airflow.

    The whole front has airflow as well as a 12" round side (with filters) and the other side has a 12 1/2" X 3" vent...the bottom of the case is about 40% vented as well.
    They offer an optonal Crossflow fan that draws air from the 12.5"X3" side vent and moves a 34qfpm wave of air accross the MB (top-to-bottom) and all parts which is dirrected towards the exit fan.

    PC Power & Cooling is the PSU I would use.
    They are -constant- power draw rated with an intake air temp of either 40C or 50C for the Turbo line.
    A model 610 for example has a -constant- rated 49Amps @ 12V on a single rail...so it's 100% useable.
    They are $119 dirrect from the company.

    You might order the dual PSU connector and use the PC P&C to feed your MB/GFX and first few drives while it powers up you other PSU to drive fans/extra drives.
    Two 610's in this case give you 98Amps @ 12V -constant rated- for about $220 USD or half the price of thier KW units.

    Look in my profile for my LAN system specs.
    With a 50% OC on air the 7 systems run 2C over room temps.
  2. I just put together a system running two 5 disk, raid 5 arrays, each disk 1.5tb each. So each array is about 5.45 TB. Plus an extra Drive for the OS, My case is an Antec 1200, This case is awsome. The air flow is amazing, and it is very quiet. I have a total of 11 hard drives and a DVD burner. The bottom 9 bays have fans in front the top 3 do not, so that is where I put my DVD and OS plus one of the drives from the raid. I have a CM 1000w power supply, it's a bit over kill, but this case has the ability to expand externally which I plan on doing. Plenty of comes with 8 sata power cables already. Also the case allows you to run most of your cables through the other side panel which really helps with air flow. Seriously, this case is one of the best I have ever seen. All the fans have selector switches to controll air flow, even at the highest setting it is quiet. Blew my mind.


    The power supply is one of the coolest I have seen too.

  3. Corsair HX620.
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