Hard Drive : 4-pin power?


Is the connecter to the left of the SATA connecter that isn't labeled where a 4-pin power cable can go in? If so, then I could run a Hard drive on 4-pin power and a SATA cable to the motherboard?

It's a Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB.

Link fixed and added a picture.
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  1. The image link doesn't work. However, if it is a standard SATA, there is no 4 pin power. There is a SATA data connector and a SATA power connector. In this pic, the data is the red cable, and the power is the one with several wires:

  2. you can buy little adaptors off ebay for a few quid that will change the 4pin into the sata power cable.
  3. Apparently it did support 4-pin power. I plugged it in along with a SATA cable to my motherboard and it's working fine now. :)
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