Would you recommend Newegg to a person?

Newegg, from my experience, seems like a good place to buy electronics and computer parts. Though they succeed in selling, are they good in customer service and satisfaction? So would you recommend Newegg to anyone? Feel free to share any great or horrible experiences while shopping on Newegg or anyother online computer parts retailer. Thanks,
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  1. I've never had a problem with NE. The only thing that I've gotten that has been DOA was a motherboard, but after sending it back, the RMA process was quick and painless. Otherwise, everything else has been great, i.e. fast shipping, etc...
  2. i've put over $6000 through newegg without any issues. order on sunday night and everything will be shipped out and to your door by friday normally.

    some people complain about some aspects of the company but often are being unrealistic or have some unusual issues (such as your address not matching your billing address)

    the only negative thing i can say about them is that i dont like how they are listing other companies goods on their website nowdays like amazon does..
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