Keyboard malfunction

My dell inspiron 8600 is having problems with certain keys on the keyboard. The keys c,v,b,n, and spacebar will not work. however randomly my computer will type them on their own. Also the start menu will open on it's own along with other programs. It makes an internal beeping noise that will usually stop if i press shift.
My first thought is that it overheated and now something is shorted. Any thoughts appriciated.
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  1. err the keys might be frozen or something? like, the connection between the keys and the controller might be stuffed....try another keyboard maybe? the usb/ps2 port might be stuffed also.
  2. Try a different keyboard.

    If not I,ve seen viruses do it.

    that's how to take the keyboard out - (its for the 8500 but it should be about the same) You might try an USB keyboard to see if that works, if it does then take the old one out. Blow the heck out of it with compressed air and re-seat the ribbon cable. If it still doesn't work then you will need to replace it.
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