Files and document missing in my ex ternal hard disk - Seagate

Dear Gurus,
I am using Seagate Hard disk for few years to backup my documents and some pictures

Recently i was working for one of my client for a project, The client gave me a laptop(Dell)

by using those computer i used to work and save and back up some of my pics and documents

once i try to open those files and folder using my pc i cannot able to view my pic and folder
but where as i can see in my client laptop

I thought its due to some virus or something so i dont care much

Recently i finished that project and handover the client laptop

and i now i want to use those documents,files and pics its totally missing , i am sure it is some where in my external hard disk

is this because total encryption
i need to retrive my documents
now i dont even able to use my client computer coz i live in differnt country now

can any one help me to recover those datas and documents in my external documents

Note - i dont even able to see those folder icons

so strange

Thanks & Regards
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  1. The only thing I can think of is to run some data recovery software on the backup and see if there are any hidden/corrupted files.
    If the laptop did use encryption, there is very little chance of recovering the data without access to the original laptop.
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