What do you get when you take the worse parts you have and build!!!!!!

Such a good question! Perhaps I have the answer!

Parts: Worse VID q6600 at 1.3250! (At 3.4 Ghz.)
P5N-D Trash Mobo!
4 x 1 GB Samsung OEM 6-6-6-18 800 Mhz RAM! (At 5-5-5-18 @ 756 Mhz.)
2 x 500 GB sata II 7200 RPM drives. (Raid 0)
2 x 8800 GTS 320 Meg OC SLI.
Modded Asus Silent Kinght cooler. It blows.
Toughpower 700 Watt PSU.
Net gear wifi card.

All in a POS Wing case, bought from CL for 30 bucks, LOL!

Fun times, since I needed the practice for building my own computer in a case. (My testing is done on the counter, no cases allowed!)

So I did the usual testing junk outside the case, then tossed it in, and man! + 12 c temps! So much for my 66c Max Core Temps, lol!

On to fans! I placed fans about every where possible! (Fans all came from old cases and junk, so trash, too!)
I had to of course make a cheeps mans removable fan for certain locations, like side panels!

Pics will say it all!!

Prime small FFTs loaded!

Prime small idle after!

Quick saundra test!

Un tuned 3d mark score. (Cards at factory OC only.)

And now for the case! Hahaha!

Trash case, nothing to it, not even screws!

Vid Cards. Primary slot is the factory OC, it forces the other to step up automatically, with no need to mod.

Full shot with side fan pic

Full shot only.


Home made un pluggable fans for side panel!


LOL, a bunch of trash all together!


Just for the fun of it!

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  1. Except for the case not bad.
  2. yeah, it's all a bunch of trash, really.

    I just threw it together out of spare parts I need to get rid of, now I will sell it off. I have to much stuff, really.

    The Board blows because the seamless strap bull shiznit. It took me like 5 days to get it stable! That's insane now a days for me! :)

    I mean, come on, no bios FSB settings worked, yet when I applied them in windows they do? What the hell strap is the bios using?? And how do you get it to swap out with a different one? Thankfully windows can apply changes to the bios, hehehe!

    It's nuts when you can small fft for the full hours, but the blend fails in 5 seconds.

    Every time.

    Like 6k times or so. And do you know how boring it is to re set to the bios and change one thing and re start, boot, run blend, fail in 5 seconds, and then try again, over and over for a few days? Yuck!

    Then you get the genius idea to use the only thing NVidia got right, the dynamic bios access via windows and then use it to apply the settings!

    Then you remember that it took 5 days, and you can apply 400 FSB, and then 401, and see it change strap, because the values become odd when it changes. Like from the memory at 400 FSB is 800 with the 400 Mhz strap, but when you swap it to the 333 strap, the mobo has to re calculate how it arrived at the ram speed, and get a new value, its like 801.2 Mhz at 400 FSB still.

    Something odd obviously happened. And thats because it switched straps. Even the processor speed does weird things like go from 3.601 to 3.608 Mhz at 400 FSB. Just a minor change, but easily noticeable when it happens.

    Same thing will happen when you change a QDR value in the bios by 1 or 2 points, which is .25, or half a FSB point, yet your gain 1 and a half Mhz in RAM speed, or 8 Mhz in CPU speed when it changes strap.

    The problem is this. IT DECIDES when to swap straps now, and you can't!! So who wants to play with single QDR points to HOPE that it does?


  3. It looks good, how loud is it?
  4. hey if its trash, send me the q6600, i'll give you my e2160 :p
  5. Sorry, let me re phrase!

    It's the "junk" out of what *I* had on hand, hehehe!

    The thing was destined for craigs list or e bay anyways!

    As far as loudness goes, its not all that bad. I tried to use all the quiet fans I had laying around!

  6. LOL lupi. yet another entertaining thread :P
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