Are a card's DVI outputs analog or digital? How do I tell?

I'm building a new PC and am having a bit of a problem choosing a graphics card.

I have a Samsung 940N LCD monitor which only has VGA input and I'm not planning to change this, so my GPU needs to be compatible. Few cards seem to have VGA out nowadays, preferring DVI instead.

Can anyone tell me whether there's a general rule about whether DVI outputs on cards are analog or digital.

For example, is it only going to be digital out unless a phrase like "converts to VGA with adapter" appears in the spec, or are all cards analog out unless it says something else?

Or will it vary from card to card and I'm in the hands of what the site owners decide to say to tell if it converts?

Specifically, can anyone tell me whether the DVI on this 7900GS is analog.

If it is digital, can someone find me a card with DVI analog (or VGA) output for around the same price as this, which is at least as well benchmarked as the 7900GS?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Sorry to double post myself, but I don't seem able to edit my post!

    To clarify:

    I know that there are different types of DVI:
    DVI-I = digital + analog (can be converted to VGA)
    DVI-D = digital (can't be converted to VGA
    DVI-A = analog only

    What I want to know is - if a card just says "DVI out", like the 7900GS I linked above - which DVI type is that likely to be? Or will it vary from card to card meaning I need to make specific enquiries about each card before I buy?

    Since I can't use DVI-D, I don't want to buy a card hoping it will be DVI-i (or DVI-A) only to find it's not and I have to buy again!
  2. I think that pretty much all of them are DVI-I (dual link) type connectors, or at least all that I have here are, AGP 9800PRO, 7800GS and PCI-e X1950GT

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  3. Retail Video cards come with a standard VGA adapter plug....just plug it onto one of the DVI outputs on the card, and hook your monitor cable to it. No worry's, it'll work.
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