Too hot on stock Q6700

My CPU is idling at 38, 38, 35, 37C. It also doesnt take more than 10 min for it to go over 60C in prime95. This is pretty hot especially since it is not overclocked, and I want to overclock a little bit.

First off here are relevant specs:
Case- CM 690
CPU- Q6700
CPU Heatsink- CM Hyper TX2 cooler
MB- Gigabyte EP35-DS3L

I also have 7 fans in my case. I will tell you how I have them set up, and maybe you have a better way for me to do it.

Stock CM 120mm Front(in)
Similar Cm 120mm Bottom(in)
Stock 120mm lower left side(in)
80mm upper left side(out)(moves more air than any of my fans)
Stock 120mm back(out)
2X Scythe 120mm Top(out)
80mm right side behind mobo(out)

I have several ideas about what might help, but I would like some advice first:
I currently have the heatsink blowing upwards. It seems to move much more air than the scythe fan 2in above it does. Is this bad?
I might reattach the heatsink using more artcic silver than before.
Maybe flipping the 80mm on the left side to blow onto the heatsink would help?
All help and suggestions are very much appreciated.
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  1. Cool, new q6700! Can you run Core Temp, or Real Temp, and then list what either tells you the VID is?

    Come on, baby! Get a good chip!

  2. Oh, sorry, I would guess that it would be irrelevant the fan direction as opposed to your temps. I mean, as long as the rest of the air and fan area isnt constricted, then it should idle lower than that.

    You may just wanna remove it, and look at both to see if the thermal paste transfered properly.

    You can also just use this for a simple guide on where to place the paste, if you plan on doing it that way. I just use something and put a super thin, but layer over the entire IHS of the processor.

    Hopefully you don't have push pins on that cooler!

    Re seating it always helps.

  3. re insert the heat sink
  4. vid is 1.3. Is that too much?
    Also what is the simple guide? Just a thin layer over the entire surface?
  5. Where did the link go! Hehehe!

    The VID was 1.3000? That is pretty high. The range is 1.2000 to 1.3250.

    It is just the starting voltage for your specific processor!

    Anyways, this tells you core placement under the IHS.


  6. Disable the fan control at the bottom of the health page in BIOS and recheck temps with Real Temp.

    That isn't the best cooler out there. It uses the same push pin design that has plagued the stock cooler. Make sure all of the pins are firmly locked into place. You may have to remove the mobo and look at the underside of the mobo to confirm that the pins protrude properly. If no luck then remove the HS and scrape off the thermal pad and clean both surfaces with rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet. Make sure it is pure, no additives. Sparingly apply some Arctic Silver 5, or other thermal paste of your preference. There are better TIMs (Thermal interface Material) out there, but only a few degrees one way or another. Reinstall the HS outside of the case and ensure the pins are attached securely.

    If that all fails to get good results, then get a good HS with a backplate and a 120mm Fan.

    Good Luck
  7. Thank you for the help.
    Does disabling fan control make it run at the highest speed?
    I have the heatsink installed correctly, I made sure of that before I put the mobo in. It will be a pain to take it out, but I need it to run well. What should I use to clean off the surfaces? a wash-cloth?
    Also, what is the best TIM, and what heatsink and fan would you reccomend?
  8. Xiggie 1283 for low cost, or the TRUE with a Scythe Kaze!

    They both perform excellent.

    Sometimes disabling any Q Control or fan control can stop it from applying dynamic fan speeds, and keep it at maximum, yes.

    You can pretty much use anything that is "lint" free. Wont leave little fibers all over the newly cleaned IHS.

    Also, like he said over your post, a lil drop of rubbing alcohol will work!

  9. If you disable the fan control all fans plugged into the mobo will run at max.
  10. So I disabled the dynamic afn control and it only reduced the idle temp by 1-2C, so i decided to check the heatsink. It was connected correctly. I took crappy pics of the heatsink and cpu surface with the TIM on them so you could possibly tell me if it was applied correctly. If I had it right, I guess I will get the True. Is it worth it to have 2 fans on the TRUE?

  11. Zorg said:

    If that all fails to get good results, then get a good HS with a backplate and a 120mm Fan.

    Good Luck

    Also, what do you mean by backplate?
    And would updating my bios help anything?
  12. You should have checked the load temps. At any rate, there are good HSs that are a lot cheaper than the Ultra 120 Extreme. By backplate I mean a plate that goes under the mobo that the HS is screwed to. Like this Intel Pentium 4 Socket 775 Backplate.

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler ONLY WITH THIS XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket
    It's a knock off of the Ultra 120 and it actually performs better for cheap as long as you have the bracket. Also you need to put the thermal paste on the heat-pipes and base, because it will fill the cracks and not spread properly if you put a dab in the center of the CPU. I got that information from one of Lupiron's posts, maybe he will post and give you the details on that. Or you could PM him and ask how to specifically apply it.

    The Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler is another good cooler that has been around a little longer.

    I do have a soft spot for the Ultra 120 EX, but I bought one so I'm biased.

    Updating your BIOS won't change anything.
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