Physical memory not used at all

I have found other threads that discuss physical and PF memory but I have a slightly different variation of those issues that I have not been able to solve.

I am running a P4 2.8Ghz with XP SP3 1GB ram, 120GB HDD/33GB used. The system is not using any physical ram, at least not according to task manager. For example, right now the PF Usage shows 644MB and the Commit Charge at the very bottom also shows the same 644MB (interestingly the Commit Charge in the lower left of the 4 boxes shows slightly higher, 660MB). The PF and the lowest most Commit Charge figure always match and I can watch them grow as the pc boots and loads programs.

To me it appears the system is using only the page file and none of the physical ram, so everything takes forever to run.

Anyone have an idea? I have tried tweaking PF settings to no avail and also tried the following registry tweak with no effect.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementDisablePagingExecutive
Change DWord 0 to 1
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  1. Read this article to understand what the counters are telling you. It's probably wise not to mess with the registry until you understand what is happening.
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    Look at your total and available physical memory. The difference between the 2 is what's being use.

    If you think your system is slow, 1. buy another 1gig of RAM for it. 2. do a full scan for spyware/viruses 3. run a hard drive defrag.

    Make sure you don't have 20 things running at startup and clogging up your system tray by the clock, and have several different anti-virus software programs running at once. I have seen computers where people have installed 3 A/V programs, not very good for performance.

    If those things look good, buy a new drive and re-install Windows on it. Keep your original drive as a file back-up.
  3. Thanks to all, I will get to it!
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