RAID, ReadyBoost, Red fans and spray painting!

:hello: hi all! this might turn out to be a large thread...hope not :??:

yeah i didnt really know where to put this...cos it covers a few topics but i decided on general overclocking cos i guess it gets the most traffic :kaola:

anywho, would having a RAID controller on a pci bus slow it down? like having two 3.0GB/s hard drives sending info to the controller then to the northbridge....would the pci bus bottleneck it? why would they make pci SATA RAID controllers then...

with the whole Vista ReadyBoost thing, does it actually have any noticable effect on the system? especially with a RAID config? does anything over 4GB have any noticable difference? 32GB flash disks are out and i could potentially have 10 of them, lol....not that i would or anything... :pt1cable: in any case, does anyone have a recommendation for a drive i should get? i dont really wanna spend much for a not very big performance increase... less than $30 if possible but if it is worth it i will spend more...

Now, onto my beloved xiggy! does anyone know of a RED or BLUE LED fan with over 100CFM? if theres more than one, recommend the quietest one plz....
and seeing as how my systems gonna be black and red in colour scheme, would spray painting my xiggy black effect the performance? im guessing it could cos it creates a wall between the fins and the fan/air so it would take longer to dissipate the air? would be awesome if i could tho...

anywho, thanks in advance guys should be an interesting topic! :bounce:
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  1. I don't think so V3NOM, as motherboards set aside that bandwidth for the pci express slots. For example, your 16x video card doesn't slow things down. Obviously, your best performance would be to use an open 16x lane with a 16x capable card, for the best transfer rates.

    I believe and don't quote me on this... Sata controller cards are more failure proof because you can swap them out in the event your raid controller dies. You can't do that with on board raid. I have read somewhere that someone did a mobo swap, with a good raid controller, and was able to restore his/her raid volumes, but take that with a bucket of salt.
  2. well dw about the whole RAID thing now cos i found a cheap-ish (-_-' bloody newegg doesnt ship to aus) pcix 1 RAID controller... thing is newegg has ones for half the price with more sata ports on it.... oh well...anywho i await your answers to my other questions! :P
  3. pci x is not the same as pci or pcie..unless you mean it pci or pci express ?
  4. err i was saying in the first post about getting a pci RAID controller...i have now found a cheap-ish pci EXPRESS (AKA pcie) sry bout that typo lawl i meant pci e.
  5. bump? is everyone watching the olympics lol...
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