What to do with previous build's parts?

Hey guys. I upgraded in August and have some parts left from the previous machine.

I have an i7 860 CPU, 600w PSU, gigabyte usb3 model mobo, a heavy, poor cooling case, and hard drives. Everything works without any issues at all.

Should I buy some parts and sell as a system or sell parts individually? Personally I don't think it is likely that people would want some of those parts individually.

Any opinions or ideas?

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  1. You could put them on the Deals sub-Forum - just above this one. If you're in the UK, I could be interested in the prices you want. I fix PCs for a living and build for a small stock so any good parts at reasonable cost are of interest to me.
  2. Sorry for the delay, got pretty busy.

    I'm in the US actually...

    I guess I don't really know what the value of these parts is. So whether to part out or complete the build and sell whole... I'm not sure.
  3. If you have time, enter each item into a search within e-Bay and see what they go for on average. I do that before buying used parts and I get a fair guide that way.
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